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Lawn Care Services

Are you looking for a reliable and professional landscaping company to care for your home or office? The team at Landcare and Lawn Maintenance provides full-service landscaping services. If you are in need of any of the below services, contact the team at Landcare and Lawn Services for your complimentary landscaping services quote.
We provide lawn mowing, aeration, edging, clean up, and yard fertilization as part of our residential lawn maintenance programs. With our superior lawn care services, our customers enjoy a weed-free lawn, perfectly trimmed edges and all the subtle benefits of being professionally serviced. Landcare and Lawn Maintenance has the experience, equipment, and expertise to ensure your property looks great all year long.
We do more than just mowing your lawn. Additional lawn care services are listed below:
  • Lawn Mowing Service
  • Lawn Trimming
  • Aerating & Dethatching
  • Flower Bed, Sidewalk Edging
  • Sod Installation / Removal
  • Debris Cleanup
  • Weed Control
  • Fertilizing
  • String Trimming
  • Hedge & Tree Trimming
Healthy lawns not only make neighborhoods look great, they also absorb rainfall and prevent runoff and erosion and increase the curb appeal of your home. Enjoy, walking running and playing sports on your meticulously maintained lawn by contacting the team at Landcare and Lawn Maintenance today.

Spring Cleanup

After winter finally makes it way out of our area, the residual it leaves behind can leave your home or office looking dismal. That’s why the team at Landcare and Lawn Maintenance is your choice for Spring Cleanup services.
Our Spring Cleanup services include cutting back of your perennials, clean up and haul away of leaves and clippings, and removal of debris, leaves, branches and other trash that may have piled up. Best of all, we won’t leave our mess behind. We will remove all of the plant debris and ensure that your landscape will appear healthy and clean for the upcoming Spring season.
Ready to do Spring cleanup of your home or office? Contact the team at Landcare and Lawn Maintenance for your complimentary quote.

Spring Cleanup Services

  • Cut back perennials
  • Clean up leaves
  • Pick up debris

Fall Cleanup

Before your lawn and bushes turn dormant for the winter, call the team at Landcare and Lawn Maintenance for your fall cleanup. Fall cleanup services can be time sensitive and of course weather dependent. A carefully prepared fall cleanup will keep your landscaping looking healthy and lush for as long as possible.
In preparation for winter’s arrival we will clean up leaves and haul away clippings and remove any debris or trash that has piled up. Cleaning up of final leaves after they fall is most important. We will mulch the leaves or remove them altogether. Either way, rest assured your home or office will be ready for the brutal winters our area brings.
Don’t delay in scheduling that fall cleanup. Contact the team at Landcare and Lawn Maintenance today to schedule your fall cleanup and get on our schedule.

Fall Cleanup Services

  • Clean up leaves
  • Pick up debris

Landscaping Seasonal Color


Adding seasonal flowers to your Lake or McHenry County home or office landscape provides striking splashes of colors, shades, and textures throughout the year. Let the team at Landcare and Lawn Maintenance brighten your outdoor environment with plants, vibrant colors, and pleasant aromas. We believe color to your home or office will Improve moods and appearances and leave your visitors saying “wow” all year long.
Our seasonal color experts use the proper planting for the season and the climate. We will suggest colors and plants appropriate based on sun or shade and water frequency. Our team will continue to promote plant growth and increase blooming times with hand-watering and fertilization planning.
We understand each property is unique whether it is your family home or your family business. Our seasonal color program is adapted based on the needs and challenges of the landscape we are servicing.
Whether your home or business is in Lake or McHenry County or in the Genoa City, WI area, we want to make sure you keep your property looking vibrant all season long. Contact the team at Landcare and Lawn Maintenance to schedule an appointment with a seasonal color specialist today.