Complex Irrigation Systems

Irrigation is an Art and a Science

Landcare and Lawn Maintenance, Inc. Knows Both!

Over the many years we have been installing and maintaining irrigation systems, we cannot begin to tell you how many poorly installed or inefficient systems we had to first remove – and start with a new design and a new plan.

Irrigation is both an art and a science; it takes a lot of experience and training to correctly install irrigation. A great, logically installed and efficiently running irrigation system actually saves you in water costs and helps to keep your lawn, shrubs and trees in the best possible shape.

In addition to installing new systems, we can make repairs and adjustments to existing systems. We carry any kind of part, pipe, connections and sprinkler head that you can imagine. We can make repairs on an emergency basis or rest assured that we have the flexibility to work within your schedule to determine the best way to fix a problem.

Getting Started with No Obligation

Our irrigation experts are always pleased to come to your home or business and consult with you as to the best way that your property can be irrigated. While we are not a cut-rate or discount irrigation specialist, on a comparable, quality basis we are very affordable and proud of the work of our team. Once we install a quality irrigation system you will quickly see the difference that good irrigation can make to your landscaping. .

Our irrigation professionals service Lake and McHenry Counties, Southern Wisconsin and all of Chicagoland’s surrounding suburbs.

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